A few monarch butterflies have decided it’s spring, & are flitting around busily. Their bright colors are so pretty to watch, & they are pretty much fearless, so they’ll fly right past you on their way to a flower. They don’t seem to mind the heat. Monarchs make their way to & from Mexico each year, flying in huge orange clouds (or so I’ve heard – I’ve never seen one). It’s neat to think that the little orange insects in you garden have thousands of miles across the globe!

3 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I used to live in an area of Southern California that had a lot of Monarch Butterflies. An area North of Santa Barbara on the Pacific off of Highway 101 in Calif. is famous for having huge groups of these Monarch Butterflies hanging from the trees. I sure enjoy reading your blog! Have a fantastic day!

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