White Squirrel

Recently an albino squirrel has shown up in the neighborhood. It’s exciting to watch these pure white, pink-eyed rodents scurry around with all the other ordinary gray ones. The other squirrels don’t treat it any differently, although it seems a little more shy than most. Albino animals generally don’t live very long,  since not only are they easier to spot, but the same mutant gene that makes them white often comes with diseases. But when they’re around, they are definitely fun to have!

5 thoughts on “White Squirrel

  1. I have never seen an albino squirrel! In the south we have quite a number of them, but none that are white. I know that most squirrels in an urban environment on average live to a year (mostly due to vehicles..), I wonder if Albino squirrels have a better edge in that they can blend in with the snow in the winter so not to be seen by prey..

  2. Here in Toronto, Ontario there are a couple of albino squirrels in Trinity-Bellwoods Park! There’s even a coffee shop called The White Squirrel right across from the park!!

  3. There was an albino squirrel at the Ohio State University a while back, the media printed a picture of it, it was beautiful. I’ve seen a few black (melanistic) squirrels, which is the opposite of albino I think!

  4. Hi Song of the Wolf, I have never seen an albino animal. They are quite rare. I know that many people with albinism do have health concerns. Have a good day tomorrow.

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