Squirreling Around

The squirrels are quite active during colder days, searching for food to keep warm. They’re about half the size they were this fall, & during the winter, when they are weaker, many of them get a disease called Mange. Caused by mites, the squirrel’s fur becomes patchy & begins to fall off. But so far most of the squirrels are still healthy.

2 thoughts on “Squirreling Around

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I so enjoy seeing your art work! Great post today. I did not know that Squirrels got Mange. Interesting. I hope “Your” Squirrels stay healthy. By the way, we got a rather surprising short wet snow here this afternoon for about an hour – we had a forecast of sleet but got that snow. Nothing stuck however. Have a super day today!

  2. The little pine squirrels we have here are very small, but the ones I’ve seen this winter all have looked to be in very good condition, probably as a result of hoarding food from a bountiful summer.

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