Turkeys are Back!

The wild turkeys are back out again, gathering food. They like to gather in small groups, called rafters. They aren’t afraid to be out in the street or in a yard, but if anyone comes too near they run away surprisingly fast on their their long legs.

3 thoughts on “Turkeys are Back!

  1. I saw a family of 10 in the middle of the city where I often work a few weeks ago. It looked like maybe the parents had raised the family in a nearby park.

  2. Hi Song of the Wolf, Nicely drawn Wild Turkey today! I so enjoy reading your posts. I have seen Wild Turkeys here in my greater community though none come by the lake here. Have a wonderful day & stay warm!

  3. Good to see that others have turkeys around too. We have 9 now that come every day and even roosted in one of the tall pines out front. Sure are fun to watch!

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