Black Caps

Black-capped chickadees are getting more & more common around here this summer. Usually I see them in the spring, but by midsummer they’ve all gone to another place. This summer though, they like to hang around my bird feeder, eating the seeds. But only when there aren’t any other birds around – they’re much smaller then the house sparrows, & more timid. They do like to gather in bunches of 2 or 3 in the trees though, & even if they are hard to spot, it’s always easy to hear their loud CHICKA-DEE-DEE-DEE. They also have several other calls though, for different occasions.

One thought on “Black Caps

  1. My favorite bird! There are many of them living here with us, and they stay here all seasons. I’m very careful in winter especially to make sure they have plenty of sunflower seeds, although I know they collect large stores during the warmer seasons.

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