Crows & Owls

'american crow'

'great horned owl'

Crows are gathering around the neighborhood, snacking on all the garbage left on the ground. (Yesterday I saw a crow with an entire bagel!)   They often gather in huge flocks in the trees along a highway, looking for roadkill, & they’re pretty aggressive toward other birds; when they fly by, the birds get out of there pretty fast. But some large raptors will eat crows. During the day, you can sometimes see a pack of crows mobbing an owl. They do this to get the owl out of their territories because during the night when the crows are asleep, owls will come up & try to catch one & eat it, since the crows do mob them. This is why crows are black, to hide better during the night.

One thought on “Crows & Owls

  1. Interesting post! I didn’t know about that kind of interaction between owls and crows. I know crows don’t play well with the other birds though.

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