Squirrel Munchies

The squirrels love to sit in the grass in my yard & nibble away at fallen Elm tree branches. They strip the twigs of all their leaves, until nothing but a few veins of the leaves are left uneaten. The freshest ones they like the best, & hesitate to run if someone approaches, they are so intent on eating. It seems like in the summer they are less worried about their food supply, & seem more relaxed & less frantic in their search for things to eat. I’m sure this is because food is much more abundant. 

Squirrels eat almost anything, & are eaten by many predators too. They have a unique adaptation that helps to survive, however: if a predator grabs a squirrel by the tail, the squirrel’s tail will snap off, & the squirrel will run away. I’ve found squirrel tails lying on the sidewalk around my house several times, but with 

'this is the Elm leaf'

no trace of a dead squirrel nearby. After a while, the squirrel’s tail grows back, although it remains stumpy aft- 

'this is what the twig looks like after the squirrels have nibbled it'


3 thoughts on “Squirrel Munchies

  1. I am amazed to learn that Squirrels can lose their tails! Wow! Our yard is loaded with Squirrels – they are having quite the convention here. Nice pictures today! I like how you illustrate through drawings or photo’s. Nicely done!

  2. I didn’t know they ate the leaves either. How interesting! In a few of the larger Montana cities people have imported gray squirrels and they’re fun to watch. They are not native though. The Pine squirrel is our native squirrel and it’s much smaller. It has a varied diet with a very large selection of foods including pine seeds, mushrooms, dry berries, rose hips, etc.

  3. That is interesting! I didn’t know they eat elm leaves. I caught a chipmunk in a hav-a-hart trap once and tried to grab it by the tail. The tail slipped off and the chipmunk ran away…

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