New bird

'the new bird'

I saw a new bird in my neighborhood recently. I believe it is either a Gray Catbird or a Northern Mockingbird. It is about the size of a lean Robin & gray all over. I couldn’t get a very good look because it would hide in thick clusters of leaves high up in a tree (I did not get to hear it sing either). Hopefully it’ll come back again soon so I can have a better look at it. I’m leaning toward gray catbird, but I’d have to see it more clearly. They come to MN in summer to breed, but then leave in the fall. 


2 thoughts on “New bird

  1. I saw that same bird in my yard across the alley from you. I wasn’t sure at first; they rarely live in the city I thought. I see them all the time when I visit my friends hobby farm. they have horses and alpacas. the catbird follows them in the pasture. the grazing animals flush out bugs. the catbirds eat them up. they make a meowing sound. I definitely heard them in my brushes.

  2. I’m not an expert on Eastern or Midwestern birds but it does sound like a Catbird! In fact, I have recently seen similar here – they do look like a Mockingbird.

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