Spring Cleaning

The sparrows have begun to clean out their bird house for the spring. The same pair of sparrows probably nest in it each year, & every year before they nest the pull out all of last years nesting materials for a fresh start. String, plants, & feathers all hang out of it, blowing in the wind. When they finish building their new nest, it will be tidy & clean, but by the end of the summer, & after several broods of chicks (sparrow chicks leave the nest after about 2 weeks) most of it will have fallen out & it will look nearly as messy as it does now.

One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I like the information that you give in you blog. Interesting to read of the clean-out. I do not have any bird houses here yet. We just discovered a raccoon has been visiting the backyard here so I may not have a bird house. I have not decided. Great post today! Have a super day!

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