Sumo Squirrels

The squirrels in my yard have decided to begin training as professional wrestlers – they spend the whole day practicing on each other. They are probably worried about their supply of nuts running low, & since the competition is high, tolerance is low.                                                                The squirrels are also significantly plumper than they were earlier this year, as are the birds. Some of the animals must be about twice the size they were late last winter. In the fall & winter, squirrels appreciate foods high in protein such as nuts, to keep them warm & give them energy.

2 thoughts on “Sumo Squirrels

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, Squirrels are interesting and so lively! I can just picture them being rather Sumo-like. The Grey Squirrels around here are busily gathering acorns and hickory nuts as well as, ahem, birdseed from my feeders. Have an excellent day and weekend!

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