"'Little brown myotis' bat."

Bats are becoming active in MN again, after hibernating or migrating for the winter. All bat species can be divided into 2 categories: tree bats & cave bats. Tree bats usually migrate for the winter, because there are no insects to eat. Cave bats stay in their caves, because it stays the same temperature all year round. Cave bats stick to their caves during the day, & tree bats rarely enter caves to sleep. Bats are actually not nocturnal, they are crepuscular – they are most active at dusk & dawn. In many places it is illegal to kill or harm a bat, although in some places it isn’t, because they are neither domesticated nor endangered in those places. But most of the time bats aren’t a problem; they have very little to do with humans, & they eat bugs, which is nice of them.(Some animals would just let bugs take over the world without a 2nd thought.) A single bat can eat 500 mosquitoes in an hour. 

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