Instant Snowstorm

This morning, the weather was sunny & moderately warm. (For February anyway.) In a few hours, it changed to a blizzard it’s hard to see in. The weather here is pretty much instant. For some reason today, the wild turkeys were out, just hanging around on the streets in the middle of everything. Many of the animals don’t mind the cold, & actually seem to be more active in bad weather, gathering food. Probably this is to keep themselves warm. But with their thick winter coats, the cold doesn’t bother them very much.

Wild Turkeys

Since it snowed a few days ago wild turkeys have been all over looking for food. They aren’t seen often, usually hiding in the woods by the river, but when it gets really cold they come out to see if there’s any food around. Look at some neat pictures of these colorful birds & hear their voice at: