It’s been warm here for a couple months already, which has gotten the plants all confused. They’ve been sticking more to their usual schedule. So in the past several weeks, they’ve blossomed with beautiful flowers, although some of them have already shed their flowers for thick leaves. The lilacs smell wonderful, although in early spring there was a kind of magnolia that made the air smell like cinnamon. The apple trees are magnificent – they are covered in delicate flowers, and each tree has its own shade, from pinkish-white to magenta.

There are plenty of flowers on the ground, too. Dandelions (of course), bluets, violets and white violets. The tulips aren’t wild, but they are everywhere anyway, and they  come in every color imaginable.

apple blossom (left) and white violet

apple blossom (left) and white violet

March flowers


"A crocus."

Crocuses are blossoming bright yellow flowers. They are one of the first flowers to bloom here, and can handle fairly cold temperatures.

Tulips are also sprouting, but it will be a while before you can see their petals. Tulips are one of the last flowers to blossom in the spring, and have a fairly short season, as they stop blooming in early summer.

Rhubarb plants are peeking out of the ground too. They are very tiny now; in a few months they’ll be large enough to cook with,(-= but now you can barely see them.

Other plants that will show up soon are: Chives, Rhododendrons, & Dianthis. But right now they’re still hidden, waiting for warmer weather.