Back From Massachusetts!

I’ve been in MA the past couple of weeks, & I spent a lot of time at the ocean. There was a little salt water pond there, pretty  shallow, but full of animals. A family of swans lived there, & they were used to people, so I could get pretty close to them. The family was made up of 2 parents & there 4 adolescents (half-grown swans that are almost as big as adults, but have not grown their white adult feathers & are mottled brown). The swans made this almost inaudible whistling sound, much different from the honking sound they sometimes make. The parents had such interesting ways of communicating with their offspring: they would hiss whenever they wanted them to gather together, & hiss & spread their wings when they were going somewhere dangerous; the swans nearly always swam in a big clump, searching for seaweed & other edible things.