It’s Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day!
I would say plant a tree, but it just so happens to snowing pretty hard outside right now, and um, whether or not we have only 9 days until May, spring has apparently quit the job.
I’m feeling pretty bad for those geese I wrote about last time – poor confused little guys.
So, in short, there’s not much news here; but I promise to say if it ever warms up.
Well, wish all us poor cold Minnesotans luck.

Spring Returns to the Skies

A huge snowstorm blew into MN this week – it certainly still feels like winter, with so much snow on the ground.  But since I spent all that time outside shoveling, I counted 3 flocks of   canada geese flying overhead in just half an hour. I’d nearly forgotten about the geese, but when I heard their familiar honking I realized how few birds there have been around here; especially waterfowl.  Well, they’re back, along with budding maples and daylight lasting until past 6 o’ clock.geese


This summer has been amazing for eagle watching. With the Mississippi becoming cleaner, eagle numbers have skyrocketed in my neighborhood, and the nest a couple blocks away had us spoting these birds almost every day. But during the fall and winter almost all of the wildlife I see during the summer become harder to spot, so I was pretty excited to see a full grown bald eagle swoop down into the road right in front of my house yesterday. It was probably picking up a squirrel – during the fall the squirrels get so crazy about their nuts they get hit by cars right and left, making meals pretty easy for the other animals. Anyway, I followed it into a tree, and got some pictures, although it was really hard to find. I hadn’t noticed before how perfectly their feathers blend in to the brown of the tree trunks and the gray of the winter sky.

We also had our first decent snow fall. Not just a flurry – the snow’s still hanging around, but I don’t know how long that will last.


Well, I guess we’ve officially begun our 6 months of winter – it snowed yesterday. At least it’s not looking like last winter, with no snow at all. But it’s not even halloween yet… (I predict of lot of hockey player costumes.) The snow’s melted by now, though. *keeping fingers crossed for nice long indian summer* Ahh, Minnesota. 😉

Confused Robins, Out to Play!

Today, all of a sudden, a bunch of Robins showed around the neighborhood. I’ve hardly seen anything of them this fall, but all of a sudden they’ve arived in huge flocks, pecking around for any worms that might be showing up because some of the snow has melted, leaving puddles on the ground. Usually they’d have flown south by now, but for some reason they’ve decided to stay, along with some starlings.

The Ever-Changing Weather of Minnesota

The weather’s gotten warmer all of a sudden, & although it still is snowing on & off, most of the snow is melting. The snow came all of a sudden, & the trees, grass, & birds didn’t seem prepared for it. It’s a little weird to see snow covering green grass & leaves, but it might not last for too long – you can hear water trickling everywhere.

'The sparrows aren't bothered by the cold."


First Snow

It snowed for the first time today! The snow started pouring last night, & it’s still going strong now. We’re supposed to get at least a foot, but I wouldn’t wonder if it was more. All the rodents & birds are hidden today, although they were pretty active yesterday, preparing for the storm. But now they are huddled up in secret hideaways, waiting for the storm to pass.