Lilac Bush Is Wilting :-(

'what the flowers look like now'

 It appears the lilac bush is done for the year. It’s only May but the blossoms are brown & crispy & falling off. The leaves are still thick & green though. The birds still shelter in it whenever they hear a noise or a dog walks by, but it is not stunningly beautiful & it does not smell so wonderful either. Lilacs are one of the earliest bloomers, but they also are one of the first plants to stop blooming. The bush is the birds favorite place to shelter in my yard; the thick clusters of leaves provide excellent places to shelter, as well as sweet-smelling flowers in the spring & twigs to make their nests with.

Beautiful blooming lilac bush

'lilac flowers'

There is a Lilac bush in my front yard that is opening up gorgeous lavender blossoms. The buds are a deep magenta-purpley color, but when they open up into those tiny flowers, they are a very light lavender. The birds love the bush — it’s thick cover of leaves offers great protection for them when they get startled. It’s flowers are one of the strongest smelling around here; when there are a bunch of lilac bushes in one place, it’s all you can smell. Nectar-eating insects such as bees & butterflies love it. They are extremely hardy; my bush has been blooming beautifully for many years. When they stop blooming later in summer, they provide a nice shade bush too.