Leaves are opening.

"Pine needles, Ash tree leaves (orange), & Elm tree leaf (yellow) in the fall."

The buds that are on all the trees are now opening into leaves. They’re bright green, & no bigger than a kernel of corn. Leaves are actually many colors, such as red, & orange, but the chlorophyll in them colors them green. In the fall, the tree stops making the chlorophyll, & the leaves show their real colors, before they fall off. Coniferous trees (pine trees) do not lose their needles during winter because they are small, & lightweight, & do not burden the tree as much in the winter. Pine trees often live where it is very cold, & their small needles are useful for living where there is less light & it is colder, as the tree needs less light to make food. The same is true for cacti, because they live where there is very little water.