Changing Flocks

The bird species in MN are changing too. There are no Blue Jays, Brown-Headed Cowbirds, or Common Grackles, & fewer  Black-Capped Chickadees. The House Sparrows stay around all year of course, but new species are also heading here for the winter. There are many more Nuthatches (mostly white-breasted, but a couple of red-breasteds too), American Crows, & Common Pigeons, & I saw an American Goldfinch. I think that some of these species (namely the goldfinches & the nuthatches) don’t go anywhere during the summer, but since there is more food in the woods, parks, & by lakes & rivers when it is warm, they look for food there instead of in yards.

Pigeons like to feed on the ground below the feeder, searching for seeds smaller birds have dropped.