Heat Wave

Its’ 30° today – almost at the freezing point! All the birds, squirrels, & other animals are out (not to mention people), enjoying the warm weather – how sad is that?

The buds on the trees are all getting bigger, & the rabbits & deer down in the woods are happily munching on this fresh snack. Even though it’s only January, all the plants & animals are preparing for spring.

Buds Already!

Buds have already started to appear on the bare trees, even this early in the winter. They sit on the trees all winter, dormant, but when they begin to feel warm weather in the spring, they’ll come to life & open up into bright flowers. The buds also serve as a source of food to animals such as deer & rabbits in the winter, when there are no nuts or fresh grass to eat.

Buds! (-:



"The maple buds."


The buds on the maple trees are opening. It’s a nice sign of spring, but it means that the sap from the trees will turn yellow & taste so bitter that no one would want to eat it if it was made into maple syrup. There wasn’t a very long tapping season this year, as maple trees will only give sap if the days are above freezing and the  nights are below freezing. This year, it turned warm so quickly that we had very few nights below 32° F, and the trees didn’t give much sap. Kind of a bummer, because I only got about a cup of sap from the silver maple in my back yard I tapped. Since it takes 40 cups of sap from a silver maple to make one cup of syrup, a cup of sap equals about  nothing at all. The buds are very pretty though. They are scarlet and look a bit like miniature roses.