Bugs Gone Away

All the insects have mostly disappeared for the winter. It hasn’t gotten too cold yet, but they seem to know winter is coming, & have packed up & gone elsewhere. (Or died.)  For the most part, that is. Every now & then the bugs (mostly ants) will find their way indoors & show up in large colonies. But the bees, flies, & mosquitoes have all left.

'paper wasp nest I saw last month'


Bees are buzzing around all the time, hopping from flower to flower. It’s super hot, which I think the bees like, as they tend to come out in scorching, dry weather instead of cooler & damper. All the clover & flowers make them happy. (-: There’s just about every bee species out, collecting nectar

Spring News

'the sparrows nest'

It’s been really hot around here – the sun’s out all the time now, it’s about 78° F at the hottest. The bugs are loving it, especially the bees. (I’ve had more than one of them in my house in the past few days.) 

A pair of sparrows that has been building a nest in a birdhouse in my yard finally finished after over a month of flitting around collecting twigs, string, reeds, & all sorts of ‘comfortable’ things to nest on. It’s awfully messy, but the sparrows are very proud of it. 


Bees constantly buzz around all over now. They dash from plant to plant, looking for a bit of nectar. They never notice me when I walk by, too busy in their search for nectar to notice anything else. Bees are responsible for much of the worlds pollination, because when they walk on flowers to get at the nectar inside, the pollen sticks to their legs & they carry it to the next flower they land on. Butterflies & a few other insects do this too.



"A honeycomb."

Now that spring is here, all the insects are returning. There are plenty of flies, and some butterflies, even a bee.  Bees go dormant through the winter; their bodies stop working, & their hearts almost stop beating. But as soon as the first glimmer of  spring is in the air, they wake up and start making honey. Honey is actually food for the bees offspring. It’s made when the bees drink nectar, then, sort of barf it up into honey. How sweet. (-;