Summer Birds

During winter, wildlife generally stays about the same, but now that summer’s here, I’ve seen all kinds of new animals. Mostly birds. In the last couple of weeks there’s been this red-headed woodpecker hanging around. He was attracted by some suet we put up, and started to visit our yard regularly, but at the same time the grackles found the suet and pretty much devoured it. Once it was gone, he stopped coming. We got some more, but I bet the same thing will happen.

I saw one of the eagles from the nest a couple of days ago. It was flying to its nest with a giant fish locked in its talons. Pretty cool.

I also spied an oriole hanging about by the river. They’re hard to miss, what with their bright feathers, but I haven’t seen them here before. I’ll have to get my oriole feeder up.

In other news, I’m going to be gone for a few weeks, so no more posts for a while. But I’ll have things to tell when I get back! 

Bald Eagle

I’ve spotted a few bald eagles recently on the Mississippi river, circle overhead watching for any prey. Mostly they catch fish, but they do also eat rabbits, squirrels, & pretty much any animal they can find if they are hungry enough.

Here’s a gross but neat fact that interested me: When a hunting eagle grabs a fish, it’s talons lock onto the fish so strongly that it is actually impossible for the eagle to let go. So if the fish being caught was stronger than the eagle (that would have to be a pretty big fish), the bird would drown, because the eagle would be unable to let go of the fish, & would be pulled underwater. The eagle (if it gets the fish) has to eat the fish off it’s talons to unclasp them.