A cornflower grew in my garden.

I love this poem about cornflowers by Cicely Mary Barker:

“‘Mid scarlet of poppies and gold of the corn,
In wide-spreading fields were the cornflowers born;
But now I look round me and what do I see?
That lilies and roses are neighbours to me!
There’s a beautiful lawn, there are borders and beds,
Where all kinds of flowers raise delicate heads;
For this is a garden, and here, a boy blue,
I live and am merry the whole summer through.
My blue is the blue that I always have worn,
And still I remember the poppies and corn.”

2 thoughts on “Cornflower

  1. I haven’t grown cornflowers for years but I sometimes see them growing along the roadsides where they have been planted as part of a wildflower mix. Love the poem.

    • Yeah, mine came in a box of mixed wildflowers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them sold by themselves. I think they’re kind of considered a weed. Seems sad – they’re so pretty.

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