This is a leaf from a ginkgo tree.  First word that comes to mind: funky.  This is a tree with an attitude.  I didn’t know they grew this far north, but apparently they do.  I love ginkgo leaves.  They make me think of a fan, or an umbrella, or a bird with a long beak seen from above.

3 thoughts on “Ginkgo

  1. Ginko are definitely very pretty in the fall. The trees always seem so exotic to me, though they are very hardy and disease resistant, at least in my part of the US. Love your drawing!

  2. Hi Song, Nicely illustrated post! I like the Ginko Trees also. I especially like them in the Fall when they turn bright gold in color. We had a lot of Ginko Trees in Sacramento, CA, when I lived there many years ago. Have a great day tomorrow!

    • I have never seen them in autumn colors. The ones I’ve seen must have been newly planted this year, so I’ll have to keep a look out this fall. Thanks for the heads up!

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