Fall Waxwings

It’s getting cooler every day, but considering it’s already November, it feels like summer. No snow, no bulky-winter-coat-worthy weather. It’s nice though, because it gives me a few more weeks of animal-watching, before most them hole up or fly away. Recently I saw a tree full of cedar waxwings, eating at the last remaining berries. I’d never seen them here before – although they aren’t particularly bright, they’re interesting little birds looking a lot like an undersized female cardinal.

2 thoughts on “Fall Waxwings

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, Yet another excellent drawing illustrating the beautiful Waxwing! I really enjoyed seeing your illustration as it is quite life-like. We had a flock of Cedar Waxwings here on the Cumberland Plateau in TN where I live a couple of days ago. Have a super good day today!

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