Wild Rodents

As fall comes, the rodents start getting crazier, hurrying to get ready for autumn. Squirrels bustle back and forth between yards, or running across the streets. They get hit by cars a lot, but the crows like it (ugh). Other animals  are more active too. Raccoons and mice are stocking up on nuts, fruit, and seeds. Soon several of them will be settling down to hibernate, but for now some new wildlife is exciting.

3 thoughts on “Wild Rodents

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, Yes, new animals are exciting to see. I am trying to discourage a Grey Squirrel from trying to chew an entrance to my attic. I had to resort to a home-made hot pepper oil spray. Sad to say. I am hopeful that I won’t have a rodent room-mate anytime soon. Have an excellent day and a great weekend!

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