Splash of Gold


It’s been pretty gray & gloomy here this week, but the dark weather was made nicer by some bright colors. Some goldfinches flew in  from somewhere (where?) to feed on/perch in the blooming bundles of goldenrod. I don’t have a finch feeder, so I don’t see these bright little birds often, but it’s a nice treat when they come around. The male goldfinches are a vibrant yellow with black bars on their wings, but the females are a greenish-gray, and can be hard to pick out when they’re in a crowd with sparrows, juncos, & chickadees. They like to eat thistle/nyjer seed, like most finches. Goldfinches are more common further south, but they show up now & then to add some color to the brown/gray residents that live here all year.

4 thoughts on “Splash of Gold

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I just enjoy seeing the Goldfinches so much! They are very interesting to watch and so beautiful, too! Nice illustration with today’s post. I always look forward to seeing your drawings with the posts. I have returned home after going to California to visit with my family there. Have a super good day tomorrow!

  2. I was greeted by a little goldfinch splashing in a puddle as I turned into my driveway. Such cherry bright little birds! Fall colors aren’t really here yet, but we have fields of goldenrod that are brightening everything up. I know it is a weed that farmers don’t appreciate, but it is really pretty.

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