Chickadee Nest

A family of black-capped chickadees has built a nest in a knothole in one of the trees in my yard. As chickadees usually nest in a tree cavity, I’m surprised they haven’t found it before. Anyway, I’m looking forward to young chickadee chicks in a few weeks.!

4 thoughts on “Chickadee Nest

  1. What a treat to be able to watch the young family’s progress. Only once did a pair of chickadees begin building a nest in one of our boxes, then the tree swallows showed up and took over the box. The swallows build nests in several boxes but never stay to lay eggs, probably because our cats discourage them. Wise birds, but it’s sad that we don’t get to see the babies.
    I’ve enjoyed catching up with your posts and love your sketches. So many interesting things going on in the spring! I’ve seen a Baltimore Oriole a couple of times lately. What a joyful song they sing!

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