Yellow-Rumped Warbler

For the past couple of weeks, quite a few birds have started flying back to Minnesota for the summer. However, this spring a new visitor has arrived. I’m pretty sure they are yellow-rumped warblers. They are mostly gray, with black & white on the wings & chest, & bright yellow patches on the rump (hence the name), crown, & sides. They come in two different types: the west & the east. They are nearly identical, but the eastern variety has a white throat. They are rather shy, but becoming quite numerous. I’ve never seen them before, & they aren’t supposed to live here, but while they are here, I’m enjoying the excitment of a new bird.


2 thoughts on “Yellow-Rumped Warbler

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, We just had a couple of these in our trees here in TN a few days ago. Your illustration is perfect! Nice post with great info. Have a super good day!

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