The crocuses are finally poking through the ground. They are usually the very first flowers to come up here, & although the other plants are barely alive, these bright blossoms are already in full bloom. Most of them are a light violet color, but a few of them are a cheerful yellow. It’s so nice to finally see those flowers!

3 thoughts on “Crocuses!

  1. Our first crocus blooms opened 2 days ago and yes, it’s wonderful to finally see them blooming after the long winter. I’ll be posting pics of them tomorrow.
    I love your illustrations.
    There’s so much to see outdoors, especially now that spring has arrived. I must walk down to the river to see the Canada geese. Hopefully there’ll be at least one pair of mallards there as well.
    Your description of the finch definitely sounds like a goldfinch. The males are an olive green shade as well in winter, then they change to bright yellow plumage in summer. I’ll be posting pics of them soon.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

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