Maples Running

 The Maple trees here have started to run their sap. I tapped my tree a few days ago, & already have quite a bit of sap. However, when boiled down to syrup, it will hardly make anything. This year the tree is finally big enough for 2 taps, so there’ll be more syrup. Still, since my tree is a silver maple & not a sugar maple, there isn’t a very high sugar content in the sap. But because there was such a slow thaw this year, it’s hopeful that I’ll get a bigger batch of sap than the years before!

2 thoughts on “Maples Running

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I have never had any trees that produce sap for syrup. You are quite lucky to have that tree and know how to properly tap it. I hope you”ll have a lot of sap and syrup to enjoy! Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  2. I don’t have any sugar maples, but I do enjoy seeing other peoples buckets on their trees! I remember boiling down sap as a child. Lots and lots of work, but we did it anyway.

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