Buds Already!

Buds have already started to appear on the bare trees, even this early in the winter. They sit on the trees all winter, dormant, but when they begin to feel warm weather in the spring, they’ll come to life & open up into bright flowers. The buds also serve as a source of food to animals such as deer & rabbits in the winter, when there are no nuts or fresh grass to eat.

2 thoughts on “Buds Already!

  1. I was looking at my lilacs the other day and say nice fat buds. I hadn’t thought about buds in general being a source of food for animals, but you are so right.

  2. Hi Song of the Wolf, I also think it is nice to see the coming buds which do hold the promise of beautiful flowers or more growth of foliage in the warmer months. Nice post. Have a great evening tonight and a nice day tomorrow!

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