Birds that Love the Snow

Snow has been coming down nonstop for the past few days, & of course the birds & squirrels are 3 times as fat as they were this summer (plus thick winter coats), & still gathered around the feeder eating everything they can find. However, the birds behave very differently when it snows than they do when it rains. In rain, they all eat eat eat the day before, & then are nowhere to be found when the rain hits. But they will feed all the while it’s snowing & never seem to notice it. Check out this website – it has some really neat pictures of birds that stay around during the snowstorms:

One thought on “Birds that Love the Snow

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I believe that some of your birds are now here in TN. I am glad that you do have some wildlife and birds there that do stick around in the Winter in your area. Have a great Friday. By the way, I continue to enjoy all of your illustrations!

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