A Late Mouse

It appears that not all the rodents that usually hibernate have gone to their dens yet. Yesterday I saw a mouse (likely a house mouse, but I couldn’t identify it clearly) running to its den somewhere in the walls of a building with a large leaf in its mouth – as likely a plastic leaf as a real one. Quite a bit of the snow has melted, & warm air has probably lured many animals from their dens, especially the ones that live in buildings or garages. Or it could be that this mouse was waiting for it to get a bit colder before curling up for the winter.

3 thoughts on “A Late Mouse

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, I agree with what Kateri has said here about your mice. I like mice as well as any other critter as long as they stay out of doors and away from human or pet foods. Nice illustration today by the way. Have a super good rest of the weekend!

  2. We were brush hogging earlier this week and saw several field mice. Of course it hasn’t snowed or gotten extremely cold yet. Aren’t mice the cutest little things? (As long as they aren’t running around your kitche, that is! 🙂

  3. Here too the rodents have still been out. Our chipmunks were still eating (or storing) sunflower seeds yesterday. We have a big cold front coming in now though, so they will likely begin their winter routine in the next day or so.

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