Driest October Ever!

This Oct. will has been the driest one on record for MN! Up to now there’s been just about no rain, & it’s been pretty warm (regarding that it’s October in MN!). However, the only thing that never changes about nature is that it’s always changing, & a few days ago, it got really cold, it started raining & it pretty much hasn’t stopped since! Also there have been some major windstorms. It appears that it’s getting colder just about everywhere. Check out the weather in Montana at http://montucky.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/fall-colors-in-the-valley/#comment-21013, although I am sure it’s just the same nearly everywhere else!

4 thoughts on “Driest October Ever!

  1. We have had a pretty dry October, also. We’ve had major wind the past few days and a little rain. I hope tomorrow is dry as I need to plant about a bushel of bulbs.

  2. Hi Song of the Wolf, Glad to see your computer fixed and you able to put up your posts. Yes, I agree, it has been dry. We got a bit of rain in T storms last 2 days but nothing significant.
    Have a good day today!

  3. It’s good to see you back on the air again after your computer problem! Thanks for the mention! I hope you escape the big storm that’s up in your area now!

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