Fall Raccoons

As fall draws closer to winter many animals will be curling up in a tree hole to sleep through the cold weather, but yesterday I spotted a raccoon gathering food in the reeds by a creek. It was quite furry & fat, but I suppose when you will be sleeping for 5 months or so you can never have enough food. Raccoons often den for the winter with other raccoons, & unlike some other animals here, do not truly hibernate, but go through torpor – a state where their breathing & heart rate goes down, but every now & then they will wake up, & occasionally even leave their den. Mice, bats, & bears do this also.


3 thoughts on “Fall Raccoons

  1. We had a huge raccoon on the porch a few evenings ago eating the cat food. I didn’t know they semi-hibernate (don’t know how I missed that essential piece of information in my childhood!. The one on our porch certainly looked at lot like the one in your picture!

  2. Hi Song of the Wolf, You have presented interesting information about the Raccoons. We do have some Raccoons here where I live but I have never seen a living one, just unfortunate road-killed ones. I also have not seen any evidence of Raccoons in my own yards in the 14 months I have lived here.
    Your post is nicely illustrated – keep up those good drawings!

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