Bugs Gone Away

All the insects have mostly disappeared for the winter. It hasn’t gotten too cold yet, but they seem to know winter is coming, & have packed up & gone elsewhere. (Or died.)  For the most part, that is. Every now & then the bugs (mostly ants) will find their way indoors & show up in large colonies. But the bees, flies, & mosquitoes have all left.

'paper wasp nest I saw last month'

4 thoughts on “Bugs Gone Away

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  2. Hi Song of the Wolf – Don’t worry about your missing bugs and insects – they have migrated South and are visiting me! At least the flying ones! Ha! Have a great weekend!

  3. It’s interesting to see some of the differences between different areas of the country. We still have a lot of insect activity, in fact much of it is at a peak just now. The mosquitos are gone though…YAY!

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