My tomato plant, which hasn’t made any fruit all season, suddenly started brimming with tomatoes. I can’t figure out why it took so long for it to start growing tomatoes, except that I transplanted it a couple times in the summer. I’m just hoping the cold won’t kill the fruit before it has a chance to ripen!


4 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. Hi Song of the Wolf, Isn’t it just gratifying to see fruit on those plants? You bet! I think what Kateri said is an excellent idea. You also could pick almost ripe tomatoes and use them green (Southern Fried Green Tomatoes really are eaten here). Have a super day in the garden and elsewhere!

  2. I got my plants in late, but I planting more than I needed, so I have lots of tomatoes. If the plant is potted, I’m thinking you could bring it inside, too, if you have a sunny window to put it near.

  3. Hm, I used to work a garden shop and pumpkin stand in Hopkins. You might get lucky if the tomato plant is potted. Can you bring it inside at night? The toughest part would be losing the amount of sunlight available each day for ripening. Sounds like you may have some frying tomatoes soon though!

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