Loons on the Lake

A few days ago I was hiking by Lake Agnes, a lake near Lutsen, MN. It’s a very pretty lake; no cabins allowed on it, & when I was hiking there I saw a common loon! It’s usually pretty unusual to see one – they’re very shy. Usually when you see one, it dive under the water & comes back up far away. But this one didn’t appear to be bothered, it just kept on swimming around. Loons can dive for about a minute, or longer if they need to. They have an unusual, warbling call, which is how they got the name ‘loon’.


2 thoughts on “Loons on the Lake

  1. Loons are simply enchanting! We had a tiny group of Loons here visiting our community lake this past winter. They were migrating South to warm weather. Beautiful and their call is amazing!

  2. I don’t think I have even seen or heard a loon. It must have been very neat to watch one who wasn’t hurrying in the opposite direction!

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