Yesterday I saw an American Goldfinch in my neighborhood. I hadn’t thought that they lived here, but I guess they do. I’ve never seen one in my yard, but I do not think I have the kind of food they like. I’m pretty sure they like Nyjer Seed. They like to eat from a tube feeder, like chickadees. The male goldfinch is bright yellow with some black, & the female is sort of a yellowish, speckled brown. They live in nearly all of North America except some parts of Mexico & northern Canada.

3 thoughts on “Goldfinches

  1. I have had Gold Finches eat regular birdseed mix from my feeders (There is a bit of that thistle seed in most regular mixes), so I don’t think you really have to get Finch mix. They are so very beautiful. Glad you have them nearby.

  2. They are very pretty birds and we have them here too. A week ago I saw dozens of them along a fishing stream. Something there must have attracted the in something like a colony.

  3. We have flocks of gold finches here when the thistles go to seed. They are such beautiful birds. I put out niger seed for them in the winter.

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