Blooms in June

'the iris bloom'

Lavender blooms, larger than a softball, are opening up on the irises in my backyard. The flowers are frilly & sort of balloon out from the stems. The flowers are so heavy that often the whole stalk falls over!

Bleeding hearts are also beginning to blossom. Some of them flower early in the spring, but there are a few that are beginning to bloom now. Most of them are pink with white inside, but some bleeding hearts are all white.

2 thoughts on “Blooms in June

  1. Our Iris bloom has sadly ended. I have many corms that sprouted up this year and will be blooming next May. Mine are mostly purple, violet and one is a bi-color blue and white. Nice drawing to illustrate your post today. Good job!

  2. How interesting! Our Iris has just begun to bloom also (about two weeks later than usual), and our Bleeding hearts are now in full bloom. I shall have to check on the wild Iris down by the river.

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