Nest Fest – Part 2

A pair of european starlings is nesting across the street from me in a neighbor’s cable & telephone box. It’s a metal box, about the size of a shoebox, with wires sticking out in every direction. There’s a small hole in the bottom of the box, & the starlings fly in & out all the time, squishing past the wires.

Yesterday I got a look into the sparrow’s nest. It’s very interesting. The birdhouse is filled to the brim with twigs & such, & there’s a tunnel going into it that slants upward. After a few inches of this it drops down into the nest hole, where the eggs are.

3 thoughts on “Nest Fest – Part 2

  1. I had two pairs of sparrows raise their broods in my bluebird boxes this spring. Both sets of young have grown up and flown away and it looks like anther sparrow is getting ready to raise a second brood. You are right about the boxes being filled to brim. They make a very messy tangled nest, but it looks warm and works well for them.

  2. The sparrow’s nest is interesting. They are incredible little things! They need so little to survive: they surely are more rugged and durable than they appear.

  3. I’ve never personally seen a nest other than one that was blown down to the ground long after the eggs had been hatched. Your post has exciting news. Another nest is very good news, indeed!

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