Bird Behavior

'either birds or squirrels knocked over the birdbath'

Either the birds or the squirrels recently took my birdbath & knocked out the stone I had put in their so that it didn’t blow away. (It’s pretty light.) So now it is stuck under a bush in my yard. For some readon today the feeder was chock full of sparrows, which is pretty uncommon since sparrows usually prefer to feed on the ground. I have a new food in my feeder, which could be changing things. Instead of only Black Oil Sunflower Seed, I have a seed mix, which they seem to like just as well.

One thought on “Bird Behavior

  1. We had a bird feeder up all Winter but have recently taken it down from the deck. I will relocate it to one of the trees in the backyard soon. That general seed mix seems to work just fine for me. I do have sunflower seeds that I add to the mix once in a while.

    Sorry about that birdbath rock. The birds also appreciate the rock as it is another non slippery perch. Thanks for yet another great post today.

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