'robins weave sticks & string to build their nests, then hold them together with mud'

Robins are one of the most common birds in my yard now. They come every day & eat sunflower seeds dropped under the feeder. 

The robin nest layed on my gutter unfortunately came to a sad end. One day I went outside & I found it on the ground. It looked as if there had only been 1 egg in it, but predators may have carried others away. Raccoons, opossums, & even other birds will eat bird eggs. I can’t figure out why it had been knocked down. The fork between the gutter & the roof may not have been very stable, or for some strange reason the parents may have knocked the nest down. )-:

One thought on “Robins

  1. It is a sad reality. I know that some of the baby birds and ducklings here have met a similar fate. Predators and bad weather are some of the reasons for baby birds to not grow into adults. I am thrilled by all of your posts. Keep giving the balanced view. Reality is important in the story of our natural world.

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