Red squirrel, Gray squirrel

Yesterday I saw a red squirrel running up & down a tree. I got pretty close to it, & it didn’t run away. Instead it looked at me & started shaking & chattering so loudly I started looking around to see if there were actually 2 squirrels – I couldn’t believe 1 tiny squirrel could make that much noise! Red squirrels are much tinier than gray squirrels, & less common. They mostly live in northern pine forests, although some live as far south as Iowa. They build their nests in the fork of a large tree, or if it’s available an empty tree cavity. Sometimes they will even occupy abandoned bird nests. Red squirrels do not hibernate, but they are less common in winter since they stay in their nests to conserve body heat. 

One thought on “Red squirrel, Gray squirrel

  1. Wow! Seeing a Red Squirrel is a special thing indeed. I have never seen a Red Squirrel other than in pictures. In Southern California where I lived until last Summer, we had Douglas Squirrels, Ground Squirrels, and Grey Squirrels. Here in TN on the Cumberland Plateau were I now live, we have Grey Squirrels galore! I enjoy your fine blog so very much and love the illustrations!

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