Mourning doves returning!

'mourning doves often sit in large groups on telephone wires'

The Mourning doves are back from their wintering grounds in the southern U.S. & Central America. They are hard not to notice with their loud, persistent cooing. Click on the link to hear it: They are milky brown colored birds with darker flecks on their back & wings, & have long gray beaks. They like to visit my feeder, but prefer to stay on the ground & eat the dropped seeds rather than perch on the feeder. Mourning doves are quite common in cities & yards, & often perch in huge groups on telephone wires in front of my house. I often see them in mixed groups with Rock doves (also known as common pigeons). Most of these birds live to be a year & 1/2 old, but the oldest mourning dove ever was 19.3 years old. 


3 thoughts on “Mourning doves returning!

  1. A year and half isn’t a very long average life span. Is it because of predators? Morning doves stay all winter here. They are very pretty birds and fun to watch.

  2. Wow I never knew that there had been a nineteen year old Mourning Dove! We have a few of these Mourning Doves here. They love the corn kernels I had put out for the squirrels. They also sit in the trees on the lower branches. Beautiful birds. Thanks for yet another great blog post!

  3. They haven’t returned here yet this year. I do enjoy them though. I have fond memories of their calls floating on an evening breeze over the Arizona desert as we sat around a campfire.

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