Red-winged blackbirds

'red-winged blackbird wing'

Today there was a Red-winged blackbird in my yard. These medium-sized black birds with red & yellow stripes on their wings usually only hang out in ponds & lakes with marshes, but there must have been something in my yard they liked – 2 of them were walking around in the grass hunting for food. I guess they don’t really go for sunflower seeds; I didn’t once see them fly up to my bird feeder. They like flies & other insects instead. Their only distinguishing feature is the red patch on their wing with a yellow stripe just below it. Sometimes you can’t see the red part of the wing until the bird is in flight, which can make it hard to identify, but if it only has yellow on it’s wing, it’s still the same bird. The female is mottled brown with no colors on her wing. They also have a loud, unique call, click on the link to hear it:


One thought on “Red-winged blackbirds

  1. Interesting, now that I think of it I’ve never seen a redwinged blackbird at a feeder. They love the wet area a quarter of a mile from our home, though.

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