Dandelions blooming

The dandelions are beginning to show their bright yellow¬†blossoms. These tough little flowers will grow & flourish just about anywhere; I already have a large patch in my yard. Usually they bloom later than this, mostly in early summer, but we had such a warm spring this year in MN that everything is blooming earlier than normal. By midsummer they are always quite numerous & popping up all over the place, to the dismay of the dedicated gardeners around here. You basically can’t get rid of them. Once you have them, they’re there to stay. They can be nice though. They make a drab grass-forsaken yard look quite cheerful, & bugs seem to love them.¬†¬†Dandelions will bloom all summer, & in fall turn cottony & release their seeds. Their seeds are made to float a long distance & finally settle down far away, to spread the dandelion colony as far as possible.


3 thoughts on “Dandelions blooming

  1. I heartily agree that those Dandelions seem to be everywhere! I spent about an hour yesterday digging the beautiful but inconvenient plants out of the cracks and spaces of my stone staircase in the backyard. You have written a nice entry about these plants. Yes, they are food for animals (people too) and a part of nature’s food web.

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