House Finch

Yesterday I saw a house finch flitting around my bird feeder. It’s bright red head & chest stood out among all the other sparrows at my feeder, with their feathers of brown & gray. House finches don’t come to my yard a lot, probably because it isn’t their preferred habitat, but I see them now & then. The female house finch looks much the same but lacks the red. The house finch has many different warbling calls & songs, click on the link to hear them: It has some neat info about house finches too. House finches look quite a bit like┬áthe purple finch & red crossbill, but have less red & a straight beak. They are widespread & pretty common in most parts of the U. S., & if you set out sunflower seed (their favorite food) & water, they may come to your yard bringing a flock of as many as 50 other house finches with them.

One thought on “House Finch

  1. House Finches are so petite and bright. I saw several House Finches at my feeder here on the Cumberland Plateau in TN, a few weeks ago. I am glad you included that URL address for the helpful bird information web site.

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