Hawk vs. Crow

"Red-tailed hawk."

A few days ago I saw a Red-tailed hawk  flying over a highway, and it was being closely  followed by 3 crows, who were diving at the hawk and harassing it with their beaks and claws. This behavior is called ‘mobbing’. It happens when several animals of one species gangs up on an animal of another species, often trying to drive the animal out of their territory. This ‘mobbing’ behavior is particularly common with birds, especially the bolder ones, like seagulls, crows, and Blue jays. The crows that were harassing the Red-tailed hawk were most likely trying to  drive the hawk out of their territory. Crows and hawks don’t eat the same food, but Red-tails will eat crows, so the crows were trying to drive the hawk away from their feeding, and, now that it’s spring, nesting grounds. The Red-tailed hawks are nesting now too, although some nest in April. They typically lay 2 – 3 white eggs, sometimes with brown markings, in a tree or on a man-made nesting platform. The juveniles look very much like the adult: Brown back with white markings, and white belly with brown markings, but they do not develope the red tail until their 2nd year.



2 thoughts on “Hawk vs. Crow

  1. I learned something new – I was unaware that the Red-tailed Hawk would eat a Crow. Your blog is very good and I enjoy visiting. Thanks for the great information and illustrations!

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